Vehicle construction

Drive Systems and Electrified Mobility
We develop and test solutions for different requirements around the electric powertrain, charging technologies, automotive battery management systems (BMS) and to enhance electronic functions and applications. We are leaders in the integration of new electric powertrain controls and concepts such as electric drive (e-drive), fuel cell drive or hybrid drive. Whether for bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cargo bikes, cars, buses or trucks.

Vehicle construction
Individualization of vehicles: from show cars to the mobility of the future. Our vehicle construction meets all these requirements. Because we specialize in one-offs, such as showcars, technology carriers and small series. We cover the full range from single concept bodies to high-end special edition production models. It can be pure vehicle conversions based on an existing vehicle or a new development of a car.

Our portfolio

- Development and construction of electric and hybrid vehicles
- Design and construction of HV battery concepts
- Design and application of power electronics/electric drives
- Testing, validation of components
- Software and function development of chassis control systems and vehicle dynamics control systems
- Vehicle structure
- Vehicle assembly
- Commissioning of the vehicle
- Project management



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